Canary large white - Pieris cheiranthi


Family: Pieridae

Flight Time: March - October

Size: 57-66mm

Altitude: 0-2600m

Notes: A close relative of the widespread Large white, Pieris brassicae. Its isolation on the Canary Islands has led to a distinct species, with much heavier markings as can be seen above. They were fairly widespread on Tenerife.

The larvae tend to stay together on the foodplant, in this case Cabbage from the greengrocers. The greenish granule is the caterpillars excrement or frass.

Canary large white sociable larvae.


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Pieris brassicae

Brassicaceae species Many



Early Stages


Canary large white ovum. Canary large white larva. Canary large white pupa.


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