Swallowtail - Papilio machaon


Family: Papilionidae.

Flight Time: Feb - October.

Size: 64-100mm

Altitude: 0-3000m



This was taken in at Hickling Broad in Norfolk in the east of England. This is the only area where Swallowtails live in the UK. I was unfortunate to miss a migrating Camberwell beauty, Nymphalis antiopa, just the day before ! The other widespread European swallowtail is the Scarce swallowtail, Iphiclides podalirius.

Again Canon EOS 100 with 28-80mm Macro lens, Sensia 100 film, scanned onto Photo CD, cropped in Photoshop 4.

Upperside European form

Mainland Europe has a different form to the UK, actually the typical form. The dark areas are a little lighter and it tends to be more 'lemon' yellow in colour.

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Iphiclides podalirius

Apiaceae including Peucedanum palustre - Milk Parsley


Swallowtail distribution

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