Shepherd's fritillary - Boloria pales


Family: Nymphalidae

Flight Time: June - September

Size: 32 - 40mm

Altitude: 1500 -2800m

See Mountain fritillary for discussion of strong similarities. I thought I'd be clever and turn this picture upside down, but when you do it looks like the Butterfly is hanging off a cliff face!
S2 Black Barf. palustris Left is pictured form palustris of Shepherd's fritillary with reduced black markings. To separate from Boloria napaea it is necessary to look at the black bar in space S2 of the forewing. It is straight in B. pales but curved in B. napaea. (Hover over the picture to locate this feature).


Underneath is the form pyrenesmiscens from the Pyrenees. Quite a heavily marked example from about 2400m.

Upperside. Underside.

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Boloria napaea

Viola species.


Alpine meadow.

Shepherd's fritillary distribution.


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