Weaver's fritillary - Clossiana dia


Family: Nymphalidae

Flight Time: April - September

Size: 32-34mm

Altitude: 500-1550m

Weaver's fritillary, also known as the Violet fritillary due to the purple hue of it's underside is a fairly widespread European species. It does not occur however in the UK.

This pair of photos were actually taken in the south of France, the Pyrenées.


I've seen these on the coast near Camaret in NW France, there must have been at least a hundred of them flying the day I visited. There were also Large blue, Mallow skipper and Clouded yellow nearby. A most pleasant spot. Also on a more recent visit I spotted one near the coast on Belle Ile.

Weaver's fritillary underside.

Pictured in Auvergne 2003


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Viola species.

Viola species

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