Parnassos & Chelmos Butterflies

Some sightings courtesy of Mark Ogden who visited in the summer of 2003 with Naturetrek. This was during June/July of that year.

Scarce Swallowtail
Clouded Apollo
Black-veined White
Large White
Small White
Southern Small White
Mountain Small White
Krueper's Small White
Bath White
Mountain Dappled White
Clouded Yellow
Greek Clouded Yellow
Powdered Brimstone
Wood White
Eastern Wood White
Purple Hairstreak
Sloe Hairstreak
Ilex Hairstreak
Small Copper
Grecian Copper
Sooty Copper
Purple-shot Copper
Balkan Copper
Lesser Fiery Copper
Lang's Short-tailed Blue
Holly Blue
Large Blue
Zephyr Blue
Silver-studded Blue
Brown Argus
Blue Argus
Greek Mazarine Blue
Chelmos Blue
Escher's Blue
Amanda's Blue
Chapman's Blue
Anomalous Blue
Grecian Anomalous Blue
Ripart's Anomalous Blue
Turquoise Blue
Meleager's Blue
Adonis Blue
Common Blue
False Eros Blue
Nettle Tree Butterfly
Southern White Admiral
Large Tortoiseshell
Camberwell Beauty
Red Admiral
Painted Lady
Small Tortoiseshell
Southern Comma
Silver-washed Fritillary
Dark Green Fritillary
Niobe Fritillary
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Spotted Fritillary
Lesser Spotted Fritillary
Heath Fritillary
Marbled White
Balkan Marbled White
Woodland Grayling
Southern Grayling
Freyer's Grayling
White-Banded Grayling
Great Sooty Satyr
Great Banded Grayling
Meadow Brown
Dusky Meadow Brown
Small Heath
Speckled Wood
Wall Brown
Large Wall Brown
Lattice Brown
Large Grizzled Skipper
Olive Skipper
Orbed Red-underwing Skipper
Persian Skipper
Mallow Skipper
Marbled Skipper
Tufted Marbled Skipper
Dingy Skipper
Essex Skipper
Small Skipper
Large Skipper
Silver Spotted Skipper


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