The Butterflies of the Auvergne

Four départements comprise the Auvergne namely Allier, Puy de Dôme, Cantal and Haute Loire.



Nice wooded valley below the town. Sixty species in the first two weeks of August, including:

Species:Scientific:First sighting:Last sighting:
SwallowtailPapilio machaon09-Aug09-Aug
Scarce swallowtailIphiclides podalirius01-Aug01-Aug
Large whitePieris brassicae01-Aug01-Aug
Small whiteArtogeia rapae01-Aug01-Aug
Green-veined whiteArtogeia napi01-Aug01-Aug
Pale clouded yellowColias hyale09-Aug09-Aug
Clouded yellowColias crocea01-Aug01-Aug
BrimstoneGonepteryx rhamni01-Aug01-Aug
Wood whiteLeptidea sinapis01-Aug01-Aug
Brown hairstreakThecla betulae09-Aug09-Aug
Purple hairstreakQuercusia quercus01-Aug01-Aug
Ilex hairstreakSatyrium ilicis09-Aug09-Aug
Small copperLycaena phlaeas01-Aug01-Aug
Sooty copperLycaena tityrus01-Aug01-Aug
Long-tailed blueLampides boeticus09-Aug09-Aug
Short-tailed blueEveres argiades01-Aug01-Aug
Small blueCupido minimus01-Aug01-Aug
Holly blueCelastrina argiolus01-Aug01-Aug
Brown argusAricia agestis01-Aug01-Aug
Mazarine blueCyaniris semiargus01-Aug01-Aug
Common bluePolyommatus icarus01-Aug01-Aug
Southern white admiralLimentis reducta01-Aug01-Aug
PeacockInachis io01-Aug01-Aug
Red admiralVanessa atalanta01-Aug01-Aug
Painted ladyVanessa cardui01-Aug01-Aug
Small tortoiseshellAglais urticae01-Aug01-Aug
CommaPolygonia c-album01-Aug01-Aug
MapAraschnia levana01-Aug01-Aug
Silver washed fritillaryArgynnis paphia01-Aug01-Aug
Dark-green fritillaryArgynnis aglaja01-Aug01-Aug
High brown fritillaryArgynnis adippe01-Aug01-Aug
Queen of spain fritillaryIssoria lathonia01-Aug01-Aug
Marbled fritillaryBrenthis daphne01-Aug01-Aug
Small pearl-bordered fritillaryClossiana selene01-Aug01-Aug
Weaver's fritillaryClossiana dia01-Aug01-Aug
Glanville fritillaryMelitaea cinxia01-Aug01-Aug
Knapweed fritillaryMelitaea phoebe01-Aug01-Aug
Great banded graylingKanetisa circe09-Aug09-Aug
Scotch argusErebia aethiops01-Aug01-Aug
Meadow brownManiola jurtina01-Aug01-Aug
RingletAphantopus hyperantus01-Aug01-Aug
GatekeeperPyronia tithonus01-Aug01-Aug
Small heathCoenonympha pamphilus01-Aug01-Aug
Speckled woodPararge aegeria01-Aug01-Aug
WallLasiommata megera01-Aug01-Aug
Large wall brownLasiommata maera01-Aug01-Aug
Mallow skipperCarcharodus alcae01-Aug01-Aug
Dingy skipperErynnis tages01-Aug01-Aug
Lulworth skipperThymelicus acteon09-Aug09-Aug
Essex skipperThymelicus lineola01-Aug01-Aug
Small skipperThymelicus sylvestris01-Aug01-Aug
Large skipperOchlodes venatus01-Aug01-Aug

Col de Auray

At 1200m a potential good spot, quite heavily farmed though. A quick look round gave:

Species:Scientific:First sighting:Last sighting:
Large whitePieris brassicae29-Jul29-Jul
Silver washed fritillaryArgynnis paphia29-Jul29-Jul
Dark-green fritillaryArgynnis aglaja29-Jul29-Jul
High brown fritillaryArgynnis adippe29-Jul29-Jul
Queen of spain fritillaryIssoria lathonia29-Jul29-Jul
Small pearl-bordered fritillaryClossiana selene29-Jul29-Jul
Arran brownErebia ligea29-Jul29-Jul
Scotch argusErebia aethiops29-Jul29-Jul
Large wall brownLasiommata maera29-Jul29-Jul
Silver-spotted skipperHesperia comma29-Jul29-Jul

 La Jaquette

Situated on the road from *** to *** in the Valee de Rentieres this is a potentially great site. Great sooty satyr were flying in August. Apollo and Chequered blue are also present on the site. Access is difficult due to vegetation and crags (and permission should be sought at the Maison des Landes just up the road?)


Large area, grassland, rough hilly mountains to 1250m, forest and peat bogs.

Interesting species include. Marsh fritillary, Alcon blue and Cranberry fritillary.

Sagnes de las Godivelle

A small reserve near to the village of Godivelle. One notable highlight is the Violet copper.


Puy de Dôme

Mountain range up to 1465m altitude. Many butterflies including Clouded apollo and Apollo.



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