There are approximately 440 species of Butterfly in Europe and North Africa. I have seen but a small part of them but hope eventually to come across most of them and perhaps include them in these pages, currently there are about 270 species included.

Southern white admiral.

Limenitis reducta


Regional Information: Possible destinations within Europe for seeing butterflies. Now including checklists for all European countries.

UK Information: Detailed UK specific information, including flight times and 244 places to see wild butterflies.

Identification: A key for species identification, about half way through, an ongoing project, comments please!

Life-Cycle: Detailing the remarkable change from egg through to adult.

Photography: Some ideas on equipment and technique for capturing butterflies on film.

Survival: Butterfly predators, how butterflies elude capture and habitat preferences.

General Information: What makes a butterfly, classification, numbers of species, a glossary, species checklists and other areas of interest.

Tropical: Tropical species pictured during a trip to Venezuela and in UK butterfly farms.

Bibliography: A selection of field guides and other books on Butterfly related topics.

Links: Hand-picked butterfly and general nature links.

Comments/Contact: Suggest changes and improvements to the site.

News: What has been updated or added lately.

Search: Search the site, or the web.

Index: An systematic list of the species in these pages.

Site Map: A more detailed contents of the site.

CEBG - Moths

Comma larva at rest.

Polygonia c-album





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